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Pakab – For You and Planet Blue. – expresses our mission of developing environmentally friendly and economic water treatment products and services. A task we took on with the establishment of our company in 1990. Since then, Pakab products and processes have set technology standards worldwide and today the Best Water Technology Group is Europe's leading water technology enterprise.

More than our employees have the goal of providing customers from private households, industry, trade, hotels and communities with the maximum possible safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water - the elixir of life - by using innovative, economic and ecological processing technologies.

Pakab  offers products, water treatment systems and services for:

  • drinking water
  • water for the pharmaceutical industry and process water
  • heating water
  • boiler and cooling water
  • water in air-conditioning systems
  • swimming pool water

For technological lead in all areas of water treatment the Pakab Persian-innovation centres are constantly researching, developing and optimizing processes for filtration, filter media and ion exchange systems for demineralisation, softening, decarbonisation, membrane technologies (micro, ultra, nano filtration, reverse osmosis), pure steam generators, pure water distillation, UV-systems, ozone generators, ion exchange membranes, electrolysis, electro dialysis, electro deionisation, chlorine dioxide generators and dosing pumps, which are used worldwide for the achievement of excellent water quality. With unique high-performance membranes for fuel cells and batteries Pakab takes part in the design of a clean and sustainable energy supply in the 21st century.

Whether at the Point of Entry of the domestic water pipe or at the Point of Use of water, Pakab products 'made in Europe' have proved in a million of applications. With the new patented Magnesium-Mg2+ table-top water filters for tea and coffee preparation, filters for water optimization for coffee machines, vending devices, baking ovens and steam cookers, under-table filters, drinking water dispensers as well as reverse osmosis and UV-devices Pakab also offers innovative and compact products for best water quality for final customers.